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Fedora 17 Released!

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When using Linux every day, it is important to find a distribution that works for you. For me, after more virtual machines than I care to count, I settled on Fedora as my distribution of choice. I really like the constant releases and the latest software. It’s also nice to be able to jump on a RHEL machine and feel at home!

So, I get pretty psyched every 6 or so months when a new version of Fedora released. The latest release is one of the bigger ones they have done and, while I am still playing around with it, seems full of great updates.

Since I use it as my development environment, the nicest change for me day-to-day is the update to Gnome 3.4, a WM that I seem to enjoy much more than most developers apparently.

If you have some time, grab the latest Fedora release and check it out! You won’t be disappointed.